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We have been building websites since we could spell HTML! And when you have been doing something that long, you get good at it!

All our sites are 100% custom built – planned, designed and developed with your business and your customers in mind. We research your space and find out what works and what doesn’t.

But we don’t just aim to make a beautiful site that works. We want it to be found as well! That means we research your keywords and develop the site with SEO in mind at all times.

The journey doesn’t end there. We always recommend that our customers sign up for a maintenance package to support you as you grow. Our maintained clients have peace of mind when it comes to backups, security, and updates, but additionally, they get one-to-one advice and support for adding to the site and building in more features & content. We also provide ongoing analytics, website performance reports and Google support.

Robert Calvin Hair & Beauty

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After running an award-winning salon in Huddersfield and cutting hair in sunshine of Marbella, Robert Calvin turned his skills to the product side of the business.

Our first project was when he created a range of professional colours sold directly to salons through a trade website. As his product range grew to include finishing products, shampoos, conditioners and beauty creams, he needed to branch out into a retail focused site.

We provided a choice of elegant, professional designs that matched his high-end products, using black as base with flashes of red. With the design chosen, we developed the site on a WooCommerce platform so that we could integrate directly to his accounts packages and stock management system. We have even included the ability to sync his shop to his Amazon and eBay stores.

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KLH Automation

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We initially got involved with Kris at KLH for producing brochures and gate “MOT” certificates, but the team were so pleased with our work that they wanted us to rebuild and rebrand their website to match the ambitions of the company.

As the company install automated gates, it was important that we included movement on the website, so there are video loops used as backgrounds and subtle transitions between elements.

It was also important for Kris to have the website show his work calendar, so customers have a realistic view of when their project could start. We have also integrated the KLH Instagram and a direct chat to their business WhatsApp.

Where DCA added even more value was in SEO. The previous site was always targetting keywords that had relevtively low searches. So we retargeted the copy to better search phrases and now clickthrough rates have dramatically improved.

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Building with DCA

When you opt to work with DCA on your website project, we have a tried and tested 7-step workflow to success.


All sites start with a meeting to find out what it is you need and how we can manage your expectations. We will agree deadlines, content plans, points of contact and discuss payment options.


Once we know what you want, we plan it out! This would include a sitemap, keyword research and developing some content for your key pages. If you need photography, we would often carry this out here too.


With a structure and plan in place, we can now design your site. We usually produce at least two homepage designs from slightly different perspectives to see which you prefer. We can then merge these styles together to reach a perfect starting point for the rest of the site.


During this phase things are very fluid. Our designers are working alongside the developers to create new pages and helping to create the best solutions for laying out new features. Meanwhile, copywriters are bringing pages to life and providing copy for pages as they are built.


Once we are happy with our solution, we create a staging area where we can do some initial testing before giving you the opportunity to give us feedback. Once you are happy with every aspect, we rigoursly test the site across devices and for all functionality.


Like a rocket, we blast off into the web! If you already have a site or domain, we will work with your current host to arrange all DNS changes and will schedule the launch to a time that suits you. The new site will then be submitted to Google for indexing, and various benchmark tests will be run in the real world!


Once your site is live, we don’t go running to the next project. We want to work with you for the long-term. All our clients on maintenance packages receive added benefits from our boosted site speed, added security, scheduled back-ups, and monthly health checks. But the best part is that you get direct support and technical advice on tap, and we will update your content on your behalf.

We have worked across many different markets and sectors including commercial, retail, education, IT, legal, manufacturing and hospitality.

Here are a small selection of companies that our skills have helped shape.

Daval Furniture
Fluer Telecom
Taste Fine Wines